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our story

The 9 Lives serve as a direct representation of all facets of your potential in our physical reality. Each of us go through phases in life and prioritize our energy towards our own particular goals. In the crypto space we are all here for our own reasons; some of us just want to make a bag, some of us are looking for a community, some of us are fighting for a decentralized future. But all of us are stepping out of our comfort zones and believing in something that we truly believe will change the course of history as we know it. We are building the future of tomorrow one action at a time in this matrix of a world that crypto.

AI Gamification

We have implement AI(Artificial Intelligence)  into our smart contract. Our taxes Rotate between 0-15% Based on buy and sell volumes. The Ai Tax bot works efficiently to make sure the right amount of taxes are put in place to cause more buy pressure when it’s needed and reduce sell pressure during times of growth.

It’s a one of kind system that’s custom built into our Smart Contract.

Cat Economy

$NineFi – TAXES

Buy – 4% | Sell - 4%

Supply: 100 Million

CONTRACT: 0XE78BFF28D3C5195C752E734E95421BB4BD742F1D

Team – Partners – VC – 20%

Public – 80%

Fair Launch – No Presale – KYC with Assure DEFI 


Crypto to Fiat Off Ramp

We offer a unique bespoke service where we will help you to convert your Crypto Into Fiat in a safe and secure manner. It will be much more in-depth than converting your funds into your bank account via a standard CEX(Centralized Exchange)  but instead we will offer a white glove solution based on your individual financial needs.

Our longer term plans are to make this service available for any amount of funds but for now we will only service those tickets that are $7500 USD or more in conversions up to a maximum of $1 000 000 USD Per Client. 

You will need to hold a minimum of 100 000 $NineFi Tokens to Qualify and one of our NFT’s so that we are able to ensure quality of service is maintained.

Please Fill out the Form and Contact Us Below if you need help with these services or reach out to us directly on Telegram or Twitter at anytime.

These aren’t just your everyday NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) But they offer a specific set of services based on the Tier you own.  Not only do you get to hold a piece of the $NineFi eco system but they come with various benefits.  Click Mint Now to visit our Cat Money Collection. 

Tier 1 – Diamond – 4% Transfer Fee
  • Transaction Size Minimum $200k up to 1Million Max USD
  • Full Custom Tax Strategy and Individual Financial Planning
  • 40 Hrs of On Phone Consulting
  • All Wire Fees Waived Internationally 
Tier 2 – Platinum -5% Transfer Fee
  • Transaction Size Minimum $50k up to 200k Max USD
  • Individual Financial Planning
  • 20 Hrs of On Phone Consulting
  • Applicable Wire Fees Applied
Tier 3 – Gold -6% Transfer Fee
  • Transaction Size Minimum $7500k up to 50k Max USD
  • 1 Hr of On Phone Consulting
  • Applicable Wire Fees Applied

Road Map

Pre Launch:

  • Website/Telegram/Social Media

  • White Paper

  • KYC with Assure Defi

  • Fair Launch

Post Launch – Phase 1

  • Establish Presence and Build Community

  • Provide Updates Daily on Development

  • Implement Ai Tax Bot for Gamification

  • Launch Custody Service

Phase 2

  • Launch Tiers NFT’s for Sale

  • Implement Revenue Generation from Services

  • Expand $NineFi Eco System

  • Revenue Sharing Plan for Existing $NineFi Holders